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How Much Money Does It Take to be Happy?

"A decade ago, a study from Princeton University made headlines for showing that an income level of $75,000 per household was the sweet spot for happiness, and that earnings above that level, surprisingly, did not result in additional boosts. New research, though, finally calls this premise into question."

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18 Major U.S. Cities Where Rent and Taxes Eat up All of a Worker’s Paycheck

"A new study shows just how hard it is for many Americans to get ahead. The average American spends roughly $1,272 per paycheck on living expenses — with the majority of expenses coming from housing and utility bills — according to a recent Clever Real Estate report using Bureau of Economic Analysis spending and income data and IRS state tax data. 

"Clever Real Estate compiled a ranking of the best and worst metro areas to live in based on how much money residents have leftover from a typical biweekly paycheck. After subtracting expenses and income taxes from biweekly pretax income, the average amount of money leftover among all Americans was $136.39."

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