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The World’s 25 Least Admired Companies

Many companies that rank among the least admired have struggled financially in recent years, even before the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world’s economy. CEOs are well compensated, and investors expect executives running large companies to innovate, anticipate market trends, and ensure the company is profitable. These companies’ CEOs have often failed in their duties.

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A Personal Note to Introduction to Business Instructors

Please read this personal note to all Introduction to Business instructors.

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How to Answer Your Students’ Questions about Cryptocurrency

Here are seven things your students may ask you about cryptocurrency, along with the answers. 

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4 Things a Financial Planner Wishes She Could Tell Her Clients about Crypto Before They Invest

The author, financial planner Anika Hedstrom With over 4,000 types of cryptocurrencies in circulation, it's hard to know where to start. Here are four things I'd love to tell every single one of my clients, ideally before they invest in any type of digital asset. 

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Last Call for Ordering an Examination Copy Before Summer

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How Much Money Does It Take to be Happy?

"A decade ago, a study from Princeton University made headlines for showing that an income level of $75,000 per household was the sweet spot for happiness, and that earnings above that level, surprisingly, did not result in additional boosts. New research, though, finally calls this premise into question."

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A Letter to All Introduction to Business Instructors from Bovee & Thill

Bovee & Thill Letter

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Artificial Intelligence: Drive-Throughs That Predict Your Order?

Burger King "Inspired by pandemic lessons that kept customers in cars, chains are adding more lanes and curbside pickup, improving apps and testing menu boards that use artificial intelligence."

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The Best and Worst States to Start a Business

Many Americans dream of starting a business and — despite recent economic downturns — they continue to pursue this dream more than ever.

Starting a business is a daunting pursuit, and doing it successfully means you need an idea of how well your state caters to new businesses and startups. In other words: You need to understand your state's business ecosystem.

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Top 8 Most Anticipated Artificial Intelligence Trends for 2021

Here are the points that have made artificial intelligence gain a lot of popularity:

  1. Understanding and forecasting epidemics and pandemics and finding a cure 
  2. Understanding shifting consumer needs 
  3. Making virtual experiences more real 
  4. Going fully digital 
  5. Making way for robots to empower the human workforce
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Smarter digital devices
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